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6 Reasons For Buying Local

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

1. Production is carried on a small scale, meaning that most of the products delivered will be chemical-free, particularly when it comes to skincare, food, drinks and household products.

2. It allows the economy of your country to prosper. Eco-friendly and sustainable brands contribute to a circular economy which means that almost none of their raw materials and resources go to waste.

Moreover, when you buy locally, the money stays in the community.

3. Local businesses support each other

It can be either through free advertising or simply through the exchange of ideas. There is no capital spent unnecessarily on costly billboards, for instance. They focus on building their relationship with their customers and continuously strive to enhance customer satisfaction.

4. You will probably never meet the faces behind Mango or Topshop, whereas it is easy to get in touch with the founders themselves and share your views regarding their products or service when it comes to locals.

5. Every local business has its personality. No two are the same. Local companies are unique and will provide you with an experience distinctive from that of chain stores.

6.Supporting local businesses is an excellent means to fight pollution; less is spent on transportation, the land is preserved, carbon print emission and waste are significantly reduced.

Shop local! It's a win-win for everyone!

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