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How to overcome Creativity Block

Creativity block is a problem that affects all of us but mostly entrepreneurs. It can last a long time and make us feel like we're not trying hard enough. However, there are several ways to defeat this enemy. Some of them are:

1. Writing down your ideas whenever you have new ones.

2. Recognising all the elements that will lead to the finish product.

3. Taking breaks when needed, try indulging in something completely different.Your subconscious still works while you are taking a break which further enhances your creativity.

4. Sharing ideas with people who think differently, they might actually help you find innovative solutions.

We' ve asked some entrepreneurs about their tips and tricks of coping with creativity block and here's their advice.

Annabelle, jewelry designer, suislelapinblanc

"I think it's important to know where the blockage come from. For me, it is all the pressure i put on myself, working long hours and trying to be in many places at the same time. The recent events and the lockdown taught me to be patient, mainly with myself. And that relaxing and taking care of myself was also productive. The rest will follow. Creativity comes when you're not under stress, when you're feeling your best. But above all, my best ideas come when i have fun. "

Swedhan, co-founder, Aaura. essentials

"Creativity doesn't always mean you have to invent the wheel, you can always find inspiration somewhere else and add your own twist to make it better.   The key is to keep moving. Don't feed your insecurities, fears and procrastination." Swedhan, Aaura.essentials

Teshane, founder and artist, by_mr_t

"Take a step back..Creative people need time to just relax and do nothing to recharge and open the doors of their minds to be inspired. "

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