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Short Business Story Friday with Deniz, founder and jewelry designer at Lost Eden.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Jewelry has the power to be the little thing that makes you feel unique.” Elizabeth Taylor

Jewelry is not just a mere accessory, it absorbs energy, is made of memories, stories and so much more. Each jewelry piece of hers reminds you how privileged you are to be a woman.

You have probably come across her jewelry on Instagram and wondered, “How does someone come up with such unique pieces?” or “How much effort is required to produce a collection?”. Well, guess what? Wonder no more cause we have asked some of these question for you to the lovely, Deniz.

1. What was the first piece of jewelry you ever sold?

The first piece was a simple, rainbow fluorite crystal choker with a moon charm that I attached to it. The crystal was attached to a suede cord. It was so exciting!

2. What inspired you to become a jewelry designer?

I’ve always been surrounded by creativity and influenced by various aspects of art and design from a young age. I initially started out pursuing photography as I loved the whimsical side of fashion and wanted to capture that. So, I started making wild headpieces, crowns and accessories for these shoots and I would have people loving those and asking if they were for sale.This sparked the idea of creating Lost Eden in 2016 where I sold jewellery plus home accessories.

3. How do you want women to feel when wearing your pieces?

I would like my pieces to be a source of inspiration and a way for women to express themselves without having to utter a word. For women to feel confident, empowered and ultimately like the goddess the jewellery is named after!

4. Most of your jewelry sell out rapidly which I suppose can be interpreted as success for your line. That can largely be attributed to your hard work and dedication. However, most entrepreneurs are skeptical about their dreams at first. What was your biggest fear when starting your own jewelry line?

My biggest concern was entering into an oversaturated market and making my own space within it, especially when I was living in London. It was even scarier

expanding my brand and moving to Mauritius as there are so many amazing designers and talented artists here as well! I was unsure how the market here would perceive the ideas that I had so it was challenging but I’m glad I took the risk. I strive to keep my jewellery unique and to constantly offer something different that will attract potential customers.

5. What is a day in the life of a jewelry designer like?

Endless cups of tea, yoga with my sausage dogs, responding to emails and enquiries on social media, researching and moodboarding new ideas and materials, shooting products and of course, making new pieces!

6. You have over 1000 followers on Instagram. Like many other small business owners have previously suggested Instagram is a wonderful platform for SB owners, like yourself as it’s free and allows you to directly connect with your audience.

In what ways, would you say, is advertising and selling your products on Instagram different from having a physical space?

It’s an easy way to reach a mass amount of people and with the right hashtags you can really find your target audience. Of course the challenges we face include not having the product physically in front of our customers in a shop to get a feel of it. That’s why it’s a lot more work to get them this information through our photos, along with detailed shots and an informative description. Nothing beats a face to face interaction, which can of course lack when dealing online however, I feel we overcome this by offering a personable service.

7. How is the process of jewelry making and selling different from what you had initially anticipated?

I hadn’t anticipated all the logistics that come with owning and growing a business. I never once anticipated it to be easy either but the biggest challenge so far is having the demand but not sufficient supply to fulfill those demands which is of course, something we’re working towards.

8. What has been your biggest lesson during this journey, so far?

Never get too complacent. You never know what tomorrow brings! There are always ways to improve yourself by learning, and honestly I never want to stop learning. It is important to trust your gut, take wise risks and work hard!

9. A lot of entrepreneurs dedicate their success to discipline, organization and their ability to multitask. As for you, what would you say has enabled you to achieve recognition for your jewelry pieces?

I feel that our unique designs, personable service as well as having an engaging Instagram feed has helped attract people to our content and hence, our products. Making one-off pieces that won't be seen on everyone is another aspect that we take pride in. We try to keep our production as eco-friendly and minimize waste as much as possible which I believe is also a quality that our buyers appreciate.

10. What is your current favorite among your designs?

It’s so hard to choose! When I make something I have to be sure that I would wear it myself otherwise I am skeptical to put it out there. Currently I would choose the ‘Wild Woman’ earrings which features raw brass sun, coconut beads and a gorgeous two toned blue freshwater pearl.

Discover this brand here:

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