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Short Business Story with Marie-Kelly, the face behind Aphrodite Boutik.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Aphrodite Boutik is all about organic beauty. Launched in August 2020, Aphrodite Boutik, an organic beauty brand based in Mauritius, is growing at a steady pace with around 1625 followers and a subsequent amount of loyal customers. Marie-Kelly admits that it took her almost 3years to finally step out of her comfort zone and set up her small business. The young woman handles every aspect of her company independently, from marketing to the administrative stuff. Marie-Kelly says to have always been passionate about natural alternatives when it came to cosmetics or skincare, and one night, she realised she should launch her own product line. However, she did not start anything until 2019, when the young entrepreneur acquired training in beauty therapy to find a job; she realised that she could use her knowledge to create her own brand.

1. How would you describe your brand, Aphrodite Boutik, to someone who has never heard of it before?

Aphrodite is a natural cosmetic and skincare line. We produce solid shampoos, soaps, masks and even scalp exfoliators from locally sourced raw materials. The brand aims at showing that there is always an alternative and that it is possible to take care of our bodies without going broke or using chemicals. It can be done through the use of natural options. Opting for a realistic option can primarily benefit our planet. I would also like to add that benevolence is a key- ideology of my brand. This is why I thought it necessary to set up a group on Facebook, where women could share their DIYs and routines to help each other find better solutions to their skin issues. To help one another while transitioning to a more natural way of life is primordial as this is how our bodies can rid of toxins or endocrine disruptors, which can interfere with our hormones. Toxins and endocrine disruptors can cause imbalance, and this is precisely when our level of self-confidence gets affected. Aphrodite Boutik also emphasises the well-being and the environment.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up being an entrepreneur?

I think it all started when I turned 18. I had the opportunity to study in France, where I lived for six years, and it is during this period that my love for natural skincare alternatives and nature itself began. I recognised that it was high time for us humans to change our way of living and consume more responsibly and thoughtfully. In 2019, I acquired training as a beauty therapist and this knowledge that I gained enabled me to set up my brand later on. Since my return to Mauritius, every single experience, whether good or bad, has shaped the person I am today and has prepared me for possible hardships as an entrepreneur.

3. When did you realise that you could trust your entrepreneurial self and not give up on your project?

Actually, my partner was the trigger. He has perpetually been supporting me through his motto, ''Your life should be metamorphosed''. He inspires and motivates me each day. He had much faith in me, and he convinced me that I could live my dreams.

4.What is your biggest platform?

Instagram! As it enables me to develop a rapport with my followers, whereas other platforms do not allow such engagement.

5. Do you think social media platforms have somehow contributed to the success of small enterprises?

Certainly! The internet offers countless opportunities for small businesses. It is not always apparent to own physical space. It comes with many responsibilities, whereas on Instagram or Facebook, we can start from scratch and slowly grow into something bigger.

6. Do you need to boost posts to increase your visibility, or do you prefer a more organic approach?

I have done both, and I have to say that my brand can touch a more significant audience by boosting my posts on Facebook or Instagram. However, this does not fundamentally translate as an increase in sales. Still, it is a potent means to sensitise people and make them aware of these natural alternatives' availability.

7. Did you have to acquire any new skill to become a better content creator on those platforms?

Indeed, it is a full-time job. Before the conceptualisation of any product, there are hours of experimentation involved. Photography becomes a vital skill since everything is substantially visual on these platforms.

Now let's talk a bit about your products!

8. Moringa seems to be an essential component in a lot of your products. What makes it so novel?

I prioritise working with ingredients such as Moringa and Green Tea when creating my products as these are locally-sourced. The sources of the ingredients matter, and this is why I manufacture my own Moringa powder or infusion to make sure that they are free from chemicals. It's the same with other ingredients such as mustard or fenugreek.

9.Can you tell us more about your 100% natural hair scrub?

The hair exfoliator is our most recent product. We tend to forget that the scalp is like any other part of our body and should be exfoliated in the very same way. It is essential to exfoliate the scalp to eliminate product buildup, toxins and dead skin cells. I recommend using the hair scrub 1 or 2 times per month.

10. Do you believe the Aphrodite Hair Scrub should be part of every girl's hair routine?

Definitely! The Hair Scrub is an ally in achieving a healthy scalp and stronger hair.

11. What is your best-selling product so far?

Our Clarifying Shampoo and our Anti-Fall Hair Mask are our bestsellers! We're big on hair products.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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