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Short Story Friday with Ayman, co-founder of the eco-friendly brand All Naturals.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Green is the new Black! Get to know the entrepreneurs behind this sustainable brand and support their efforts to build a healthier planet. Ayman, co-founder of All Naturals tells us more about her journey and how altering her own lifestyle contributed to the concept of natural self-care through organic products.


Face Scrubbies -Cleaning Sponge/Exfoliator

Soap Nuts for Eco-laundry

Shea Body Butter ( Coco Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Wild Flowers)

Reusable Makeup Pads

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1.How did you become interested in eco-friendly products?

I suppose it all came together when I became more conscious of my lifestyle. I have been interested in natural products and simple, natural ways of doing things since a very young age. It might sound cliché but to be completely honest, it is simply a passion that turned into an idea and much more over time. Taking better care of myself with what nature has to offer has kept that interest alive throughout the years. Self-care has probably been the reason behind the conceptualisation of products that would eventually help yield a healthier and happier planet.

2. Did you have any previous experience in this field?

Not really. I have always dreamt about having something of my own. It was a childhood dream that slowly pieced itself together to become what is now known as All Naturals. I believe learning is lifelong process. Once you to start somewhere, you just have to make sure to keep the growth going. The point is to figure it out along the way and not to give up on your vision.

3. What inspired you to create the soap nuts?

In fact, it all began with the soap nuts itself. When my co-founder Yasir’s little brother started having skin reactions from using store-bought detergent, we decided to research it intensively and as we did so, we found the soap nuts aka nature’s way of doing laundry! It blew our minds and we knew instantly that we needed to share it with everyone !

4. Could you tell us more about the Scrubbie? It is quite an unusual product. How would you recommend using it?

There’s so much to say about the scrubbie ! Our scrubbie comes with unique features. It was designed in the first place to provide maximum exfoliation without drying out the skin. We also kept in mind that we had to lessen the damage caused to our oceans. Many of us might not know this but store-bought scrubs contain thousands of micro-plastic beads that end up in our sewage system. That’s why we created the scrubbie which is a zero-waste product. When it’s used up, you can simply cut it into small pieces and add it to compost.

The scrubbie has two sides, there’s the inner, puffy side and the outer, textured edge. You use it as you would with a face brush or konjac sponge with your usual facial soap/wash. Use the scrubbie in a circular motion to gently exfoliate your skin. As for the puffy side it’s meant for the sensitive areas on your face. You can also make the most out of it by using the textured edge when your skin needs an extra cleanse or even daily to combat an oily t-zone :)

5. What changes have you witnessed in the sustainability movement over the past years in Mauritius?

People here, are definitely becoming more aware of the need to make more conscious choices and go for sustainable options. However, although the movement is growing, there’s still a very long way to go but together we can make it happen.

6. What are the biggest challenges one faces when building a 100% eco-friendly brand?

Firstly, I would say 2 of our biggest challenges are getting people interested and adopting eco-friendlier alternatives when it comes to packaging. It’s hard to give up habits to which we have been ac

customed over the years. When an individual decides to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, it means that he is changing his old ways, which of course is not something that can be instantly done.

Packaging remains a real struggle, so we are still working on finding eco-friendlier options.

Secondly, people are interested in learning more and while they find it interesting, they are always skeptical and need that extra push from us. That is also something exciting for us as it’s challenging but rewarding when you get positive feedback.

7. Do you think a small community of eco-friendly people can make other locals question their choices when it comes to consumption?

With the help of social media, it has become easier to share eco-friendly ways of doing things. This has proven to be helpful actually as we’re all in this journey together. It is vital to move forward as a community and remember what the end goal is- a happy &healthy planet.

There are two Facebook groups named Zerowaste Mauritius and Fridaysforfuture.mauritius which promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. I definitely recommend joining them if you wish to make changes to your lifestyle. Sovlanatir is another movement founded by young activists advocating eco-change. They also address various social issues along the way. The younger generations are doing a great job at changing things actually!

8. What do you think can be done to encourage Mauritians to go eco-friendly?

It is necessary to raise awareness but in a kind and gentle way as a reminder to care for our island and for the planet. We believe kindness is prime when it comes to change and actions indisputably speak louder than words, so keep sharing your ways of doing things and it will inspire others.

9. What can be done to empower women entrepreneurs, like yourself in Mauritius?

More spaces need to be provided along with adequate resources for us to move forward.

Information is scattered when it comes to schemes provided by the government, the legal side of a business, taxes etc. Sources of information, resources and space are some of the aspects that need to be redefined and simplified.

10. What are your goals with All Naturals for the next 10 years?

We wish to come up with more natural alternatives and sustainable products in order to promote a lifestyle that aligns with nature. We hope that this will enable more and more people to consume more consciously and responsibly. I hope that the small eco-friendly in Mauritius succeeds in achieving a lasting shift in our ways of doing things and most importantly, in our way of thinking. We want to ease the change with our products and, I genuinely believe that we’re already slowing getting there.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

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