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Small Business Story with Indoor Jungle

We’re back with another interview with our local small business owners! If you haven’t heard of Indoor Jungle yet then you have surely come across their hand painted pots somewhere! If you haven’t until now then it’s high time to have a look at their amazing products. Indoor Jungle is all about creating that little green corner within any limited amount of space. It does not matter if you live in a studio or a mansion, Indoor Jungle has a variety of pot sizes and options that can fit in any budget.

I first discovered them through my sister who since her very first purchase from the Indoor Jungle, has developed a slight obsession with the hand painted pots and now owns dozens of them. I believe this was supposed to be the real definition of the term “Jungle fever”! Plus, the best part about their potted plants is that It does not require you to have green fingers. Anyone can grow a little cactus.

And guess what? Indoor Jungle even provides several options when it comes to the choice of plants. Prices are reasonable and their work is impeccable. How did these young women come up with the idea of brightening your living spaces with a hand painted pot? Let’s find it all out with the founders themselves.

1.Tell us a little bit about Indoor Jungle

Indoor Jungle is an eco-friendly company founded a year ago, in May. It’s the perfect blend between man-made creation and nature’s beauty founded by two sisters; Ruth and Sophia. We offer a variety of unique and personalized concrete pots made with a lot of love. Our plants are from our father’s nursery.

2. Could you tell us about your background? Do you think that this played a role in how you perceive a business and how you run a business?

Since college, we both studied Business/Economics which gave us an extensive understanding of business management. I later studied Art and Graphic Design at a higher level while Sophia pursued her studies in the business management field. Our educational paths have definitely led us to where we are now.

3.How many were you when you first started and how many of you are currently working at Indoor Jungle now?

We started on our own and were supported and helped by our family whenever needed. This has not changed since then.

4. To what extent would you say family support has played a role in sustaining your business?

Family support has meant a lot throughout our journey. Their 100% ongoing support has enabled us to further our business.

5. How did the response that you received on social media differ from what you had initially expected?

Indoor Jungle has experienced a rapid growth and high number of demands within a short period. We did not plan or foresee such a successful and rapid progress when we first started. The positive feedbacks and customer loyalty definitely exceed our own expectations.

6. How do you cope with a heap of orders without going crazy?

Thanks to our two younger sisters who offer their help during peak seasons and our parents who are also very much involved. Having a supportive family makes it easier to cope with the pressure of being entrepreneurs.

7. How do you deal with stress on a day to day basis? Do you ever feel the need to take regular breaks from your work?

Indoor Jungle is our part-time job and at times, it can get overwhelming but since we have a duty towards our clients and we have to respect our delivery dates, we make sure to find time to stay up-to-date with our orders. To strike the right balance between both jobs, we take breaks whenever needed so that our job as entrepreneurs never ends up being boring and stays creative, relaxing and enriching.

8. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement and failure, so far in running Indoor Jungle?

So far, our biggest achievement has been to launch Indoor Jungle without any fear of failure and to succeed at our business goals. Due to our fearlessness and positive attitude towards our business we haven’t experienced any so-called failure yet.

9. What are your future plans for Indoor Jungle?

Our next plan is to enhance our visibility by having our products at local shops and ultimately to have a shop of our own!

Thank you for sharing your Small Business insight with us! We wish you success throughout your entrepreneurial journey!

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