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The resurrection of the scrunchie.

Size matters.....this is what came to our minds when we saw the giant scrunchie launched by Oopsie Daisy a few weeks ago! We all wear scrunchies at home, however most of us are rather reluctant to use them in public. For long, they have been associated with the childlike, wide-eyed teens in school. Just look at the cool kids in Mean Girls, scrunchies seemed to have been banned from the hip kids' zone, but not for long. Let’s be realistic, we all need scrunchies, whether it's at the gym, when skipping wash day or simply when we're chilling at home and watching netflix. Scrunchies have been associated with lazy bun days and Sundays for decades and honestly speaking, they are an essential part of a woman’s life. And cute hair accessories such as hairbands and hairbows are just the cherry on top. Though we all seem to be turning towards a more minimalistic lifestyle, a giant scrunchie can do no harm, particularly when it makes you look extra pretty and adds a Lolita kind of vibe to your outfit.

In 1986, Romy Revson who performed as a singer and musician at nightclubs thought of inventing something that would her keep her hair pulled back during her performances. She sought out an invention that would not require the use of plastic or metal, an alternative that would be gentle to her mane whilst keeping everything in place.

More on the history of Scrunchies here:

Since then, fabric scrunchies have been a thing! From Madonna to Janet Jackson, almost every star would be seen sporting scrunchies over their already extravagant hairstyles. Bold and colourful, the 80s fashion never regarded any accessory as being too much. "The more, the better" seemed to be the greed decade's motto. The trend peaked throughout the years but eventually started fading out and women switched to something simpler, something almost invisible such as bobbles. It might also be due to the fact that men find women more attractive when wearing loose hair than when having it in a bun.Blame it on social media for glamourising the daily life! But we didn’t conduct any research on that topic, so we are in no position to tell!

Now that women seem to be more aware of their own comfort and needs, the scrunchie is more present than ever. It has become a symbol of comfort and assertiveness.

The revival of the fabric scrunchie can without any doubt, be associated with the prioritising of women's comfort over looks! What about the Giant Scrunchie? It might seem too much to some and maybe only the bold ones might wear it, but we would definitely encourage everyone to get one even if it’s just for chilling in your PJs- they will instantly uplift your mood and you'll be contributing to an entrepreneur's dream by supporting their business. While they are sold at around 20 USD in the US, Oopsie Daisy offers the same at a much cheaper price.

The choice of satin and sheer fabric emphasize on the elegance of the scrunchie. Wear it on a low bun and it instantly makes you look like you stepped out of B&W movie. It’s the perfect accessory for attending a wedding and it will make you stand out of the crowd. Let's be honest who doesn't like a big bun? ;)

Wear it with a sleek ponytail, embellished earrings and a bare shoulder dress for that oomph effect. If you are more of a jeans/tee kind of girl and wish to add a pop of colour to your outfit, get a red one or any other bright coloured one, they will take your outfit from a 5 to a 10. Or simply wear it as a bracelet when you feel like letting your hair down.

The scrunchie is no longer just a mere convenient accessory, it is now part of our everyday life, it reminds of us of our childhood, of merry, worry-free days. Wearing the vibrant ones is a way of saying "my comfort matters and I’m not ashamed of showing it off"!

Our next guest in our Small Business Stories is an individual who doesn’t shy away from the limelight! She loves her scrunchies bold, bright and big and why shouldn’t she? Aurelie, is the first one to come up with something out of the ordinary. Who would have thought that the scrunchie could be the only accessory that one could possibly need to look put together? To find out more about her Giant Scrunchies, visit her page.

The best part is that you can choose your own colours and have it personalized.

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