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What is Intention & Why Does it Matter?

Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan or conceptions formed by directing the mind towards an object.

Synonyms: Purpose, Goal, Intent

Late Middle English: from Old French entencion, from Latin intentio(n- ) ‘stretching, purpose’, from intendere.

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Why does Intention Matter?

As an entrepreneur, much of your success depends on luck, your engagement, and intention. I genuinely consider intention as one of the elements that contribute to success. It might plausibly be one of the initial measures towards achievement. Intention emerges from the desire to create and trust in the process.

What is the purpose behind the stuff you do? Think about any of your regular habits and then consider how and why you developed them.

Setting intentions means you are aware of what to do to attain a specific goal. It helps you to be in the moment and focus on what you can do best now instead of wallowing in the past or fretting about the future.

Create a vision board

Okay, so you have that amazing idea but don't know how to go about it? Scattered thoughts are undoubtedly ignored, while a vision board reminds you of your intentions and makes it easier for you to align other aspects of your life to achieve a certain goal. A vision board is a reminder that you should focus your energy on your aim.

Perform Every Task with Intention

Our daily lives are made up of countless tasks that we tackle mechanically without asking ourselves the reason behind these. Constructing such a pattern without understanding the purpose of each task leads to a potentially destructive pattern that ultimately leads to a life without purpose. By being fully aware of why you're performing X or Y task, you acquire some sense of control over the odds and ends of your course and can hence eliminate what you deem as useless and utilize your energy to act towards your goal. For instance, you intend to build a brand that is built on sustainability, however many of your daily actions contradict this idea, by including a simple 'Sort out the trash' to your task list, you are actively working towards your intention. Start with the little things and watch the universe reciprocate.

Compose a Personal Statement

Begin your day with an understanding of your purpose. Build your plans based on your core values, beliefs, and your true self. Set the intention to do things purposefully and in alignment with your goals to fuel your aspirations. Your statement is a reminder that every thought, action, choice, connection that you make is directly or indirectly linked to your intentions and serves as reminders to keep you on track. Conscious choices power our intentions, illuminate our journey, and feed our flow. Feeling stuck? Sometimes, we need to look into our past choices, thoughts, and actions to make space for truer intentions. By including choices with intention, you can grow and create the best version of yourself and turn even your craziest dreams into reality.


If you wake up every single day with a positive intention, chances are that you'll have a better day and that:

  1. You will be grateful for what you have completed.

  2. You will find meaning in what you have done and accomplished.

  3. You will look forward to the following day.

It is simply a step-by-step process to realizing your goals without losing sight of progress and purpose. Start by including purpose in each of your daily actions and build from there without making it too complicated. In the end, it's all about generating positive energy and consciously living and growing with intention.

By setting our consciousness in the right direction, it becomes easier to find pleasure in the most mundane tasks and construct the path to your goals and the life you desire.

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